GOIVY Counselling

Looking forward to studying abroad? It is going to be a cake-walk if you have the right approach and guidance, otherwise, it can be a distant dream. It is always a good idea to have someone experienced for hand-holding, as you take one of the most crucial decisions of your life!

Haphazard preparations without a strategy are like going to a battle without a battle plan. And to be honest, it is a war out there! Most of the Ivy league colleges select only 5 % of the total applications. But even if it is crowded at the bottom, there is always room at the top. With a proper plan, you can rest assured that you land in the very best of the colleges. Expert Study Abroad Counsellors can provide you with all the information that is required to make a flawless plan. And perfection is what is required to get into the best colleges!

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