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Career Counselling Services

Career Assessment

A scientific aptitude and personality test helps in choosing the right career and the right direction keeping various factors into consideration like finances and other resources, interests and passions, strengths and weaknesses, and also current market trends. Both children and parents need professional intervention for career planning. We are a team of experienced education professionalsmore

Counselling Sessions

Career counselling is as an important tool to help aspiring students and their parents make informed decisions in their quest towards effective career planning Students often face the daunting task of choosing from available career options as per their interest and academic aptitude, which will put them on their chosen career paths. suddenly, the worldmore

Career Recommendation & Reports

EduProfessionals use scientific tools such as psychometric tests for career assessment and career planning. We are equipped with in-depth knowledge of education trends which helps students to take productive, informed choices that broadened their horizons and help them to know about the best-fit careers even beyond the traditional options. The career recommendations are very muchmore

College & Course Selection

University selection is the most difficult task when it comes to pursuing higher education. Identifying the colleges that fit the best with your requirements, university shortlisting, completing the application form and winning the race of selection committee – it’s surely a tedious task! Narrowing down university selection options can prove to be challenging if it’smore

Career Path Planning

Career path planning is very important to achieve your short term and long term goals. Our expert counselors understand the student’s current situation based on their skills, interests and preferences. Upon evaluation, we provide a realistic career path planning that will help students to achieve their career goals without taking unnecessary pressure. We suggest variousmore

Mentoring Sessions

EduProfessionals regularly conducts face to face mentoring sessions with the industry stalwarts to mentor about the current educational and industry trends which help students to take right career decisions. These mentoring sessions are very much beneficial for the students to have an insight of different industries which eventually help them to take the right careermore


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