The importance of Career Counselling

October 6, 2018

Career counselling has in recent times emerged as an important tool to help aspiring students and their parents make informed decisions in their quest towards effective career planning

After having gone through the grueling task of successfully completing the board exams for 10thand 12th grade, two siblings in one family are faced with the daunting task of choosing from available career options as per their interest and academic aptitude, which will put them on their chosen career paths. suddenly, the world looks like a large open field with many turns to take and choices to make. Caught between their love for different subjects, with not good enough scores, and the family’s expectations they find themselves at a crossroad.

How then, does the process of career assessment and career planning help to put things into perspective? For this, a career counsellor is equipped with the necessary expertise to assist in the decision making.

At EduProfessionals, in Gurgaon, they found the best education consultants who, with their team of experienced education professionals helped to guide and mentor them to making the right choices to plan their careers. The methodology Using Psychometric Testing, Career Assessment and Career Planning equipped with in-depth knowledge of education trends, helped them make productive, informed choices that broadened their horizons and provided them with the know-how about the best-fit careers that went even beyond the traditional options.

A scientific aptitude and personality test helps in choosing the right career and the right direction keeping various factors into consideration like finances and other resources, interests and passions, strengths and weaknesses, and also current market trends. Both children and parents need professional intervention for career planning in three stages:

Firstly, at the level of grades 9 and 10, which form the building-blocks of the child’s future, where help with choosing the right stream and thereby narrowing the career path becomes a vital choice to make.

The second, and the toughest time to make informed decisions with help from career professionals is after class 12th, when choosing the right course for a degree program can be influenced by a number of factors: the desire to tag along with one’s peers wherever they’re going, the tendency to blindly follow current trends, often as coerced by parents, or merely getting by, with choosing popular simple courses that will earn them a graduate degree. But as we all know, in today’s day, a graduate degree has very little weight. What then is stage 3? And What could be the best way forward?

Contact EduProfessionals!

A team of experienced education professionals and prominent career counsellors in Gurgaon, we offer you the comforting environment of people who care and are as invested in your career planning and future as you are

Using time-tested scientific methods for career assessment, no stone is left unturned to ensure you find the best out of the choices available to you in a clearly mapped plan of action.


We promise a long-term commitment to your needs and goals to give you that necessary edge when you step out into the world with the right career you planned with us!

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