How to prepare for Entrance Exams?

October 6, 2018

Tips and Tricks to crack Competitive Exams


Does thinking about entrance exams give you a chill?

Worried that you won’t be able to complete the syllabus?
Or are you more anxious about completing it but not remembering the correct formula while giving the competitive exam?

Let me begin by saying, it’s completely okay to feel all this. We have all been there.

Your parents, my parents, your teachers – everyone. We were all equally scared and nervous while preparing for these entrance exams. But it all turns out to be good if you properly schedule and implement the strategy you have made.

Realize that your aim is NOT just to complete the entire syllabus but you should have a clear understanding of the basics of each subject. Only then you can come out with flying colours in these competitive exams.


Preparation strategy for Indian Entrance Exams


  1. Routine is a bore but it helps you soar

Being disciplined always pays off, whether we like it or not. Only when you have a fixed routine (a time table), you would optimally utilize your time to get the best results.

According to a recent study, it only takes 21 days to form an action, your habit. So, sit down, plan a practical time table and follow it dutifully. Make sure you set realistic goals and take short breaks between prolonged study hours to maintain productivity.

Ensure to track your progress and reward yourself time and again for following the schedule. It helps you stick to the time table for a longer time.


  1. Hard work matters but smart work pays off

Organize your study material to know which subject and topics carry more weightage than others. You can get to know this by referring to previous year question papers or by getting guidance from your teachers and consultants.

Pay more attention to these topics. Try and complete these before and revise them regularly to ensure you are on top of things.


  1. Previous year question papers are a gold mine

We cannot stress this enough. Make it a habit to solve practice papers and previous year question papers.

They will give you a clear understanding about the type of questions asked along with how much time you are taking to solve a paper. Knowing these two important aspects, you can improve on your timing as well as understanding of the subject.


  1. Practice keeps you motivated

There is a simple rule when it comes to passing entrance exams –

Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.

This is only possible when you practice for these competitive exams day in and out. There’s absolutely no substitute or short cut to it. All you can do is revise smartly. While preparing for the exams, mark out the important points and read only these points during revision.


  1. Online coaching lectures are a great source of knowledge

A great alternative in today’s digital world is to take help of online platforms that give you access to recorded lectures. These videos quickly summarize what you have learnt thus, giving you more value in less time.

We, at EduProfessionals, help students practice smart learning by offering recorded lectures for JEE and NEET entrance exams. Our lectures have shown assured results in saving time as well as increasing productivity of students.

Remember to stay motivated and calm when you go for JEE, NEET or any other competitive exams. A positive attitude can do wonders and help you perform better in any entrance exam.

Good luck. Start Preparing!

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