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Our expert counsellors guide students to take an informed career decision, explore beyond the traditional options and advise them on career assessment and planning. The team understands students' requirements and goals and conducts profile assessment through scientific tools such as Psychometric tests to help students make realistic career decisions.

We do an in-depth profile analysis to compile your 'Perfect List' of the universities. We do a thorough research and bring our vast experience to handpick your Ambitious, Moderate and Safe universities based on your profile, interests and preferences.

University selection is the most difficult task when it comes to pursuing higher education.

Identifying the colleges that fit the best with your requirements, university shortlisting, completing the application form (including the letter of recommendation, statement of purpose, MBA essay)and winning the race of selection committee ‐ it's surely a tedious task!

Narrowing down university selection options can prove to be challenging if it's not thought out well. You don't want to spend lakhs of money and end up in a college that doesn't match your dreams, do you?

University selection is a process that's filled with anxiety and we, at EduProfessionals, are here to help you on how to choose the best university.

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Looking forward to studying abroad? It is going to be a cake-walk if you have the right approach and guidance, otherwise, it can be a distant dream. It is always a good idea to have someone experienced for hand-holding, as you take one of the most crucial decisions of your life!

Haphazard preparations without a strategy are like going to a battle without a battle plan. And to be honest, it is a war out there! Most of the Ivy league colleges select only 5 % of the total applications. But even if it is crowded at the bottom, there is always room at the top. With a proper plan, you can rest assured that you land in the very best of the colleges. Expert Study Abroad Counsellors can provide you with all the information that is required to make a flawless plan. And perfection is what is required to get into the best colleges!

Profile Building

Building a strong profile for top schools is a task that takes time. If you are applying to a b-school, it is a necessity to make a profile that makes you stand out. Yes, you need the necessary scores as well soft-skills for your dream school. But making an irresistible profile is equally significant.

So, what's the secret sauce, the magic formula for building a strong profile? Are there set rules or guidelines to follow?

Fortunately, there are. If you prove that you are diligent and meticulous enough to focus on growing hard skills, it will help you gain additional points over others.

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